About Us

Action for Children (AFC) is a national faith based Non-Governmental Organization that is dedicated to improving the quality of life of the vulnerable children. AFC was founded on the basis of a child helpline in 1995 out of a deep conviction and commitment by the founder Dr. Jolly Nyeko and in 1998 the organization was registered with the NGO Board. Through a number of projects, AFC has met the needs of over 15, 000 children directly in an estimated 4,500 households besides the 16,000 indirectly supported children.

Having started as a private phone line in Dr. Jolly’s residence, the Child helpline expanded and grew to become a national programme and was officially handed over to the Government of Uganda as a toll-free Child Helpline (116) managed by the Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development.

Currently, AFC, under its Training and Education campaign, runs the School of Parenting and Childcare that trains parents, house helps and ECD teachers in childcare to enhance the children’s positive embracement of life by creating for them conducive growth and development environments through education. The School of Parenting and Childcare is the platform upon which this knowledge is imparted to the clients.
About Us

About Us

Organization Details

  • To rescue, protect, care and support children to achieve their God designed and purposeful future by working with and through individuals, families, and communities.
  • A society where God’s children and their families live in comfort, hope and joy.
  • Action for Children is located on Kungu Road, Kyanja Trading Centre, Kampala.
    P.O.BOX 25417, Kampala
    Tel: +256 756 730501 / +256 775007622 / +256 712 806292
    Email: action@actionforchildren.or.ug
    Web: www.actionforchildren.or.ug