School of Parenting and Childcare (SPAC)

Vision: A society where every child is born and cared for by knowledgeable, informed and loving parents.

Mission: Helping parents and child care workers get skills in parenting by providing affordable and comprehensive parenting courses.

The School of Parenting and Childcare is a training and consultancy service in child care and parenting targeting training of parents, child development workers and professionals, child care and child protection workers, and child care givers like house helps, orphanage caretakers, kindergarten employees, and nursery school and ECD teachers and those interested in enrolling as nursery school teaching. SPAC understands that parenting is wider than simply bringing children into the world, thus offer professional skills on how to parent with a positive attitude; how to care for children of all categories such as orphans, abused, stubborn or unruly, but majorly, how to raise good, disciplined and well nurtured and natured children, consequently producing responsible persons in all spheres.

SPAC offers practical courses, with live demonstrations for example to pregnant mothers on how to prepare themselves for the coming baby, to prepare their nannies to offer good child care so that a working mother does not worry about her baby at home. The modules focus on key subjects having the best interest of the children at heart.

SPAC objectives focus on empowering parents to nurture and nature good and disciplined children, nurturing the family to deal with the challenges of parenting, strengthening emotional support of parents and child care workers to prevent child abuse and violence against children in homes, schools and communities and enabling parents to enjoy their parenthood.

Three cohort have so far been graduated in Kampala and Wakiso, conducted 2 seminars and trainings on “Enhancing Nutrition Using Local Foods;” and “Will Writing and Succession Planning”

SPAC Strategies

  • Training of teachers and nursery nurses
  • Training of parents and caretakers including house helps (Domestic Workers).
  • Individual and group counseling
  • Formation of support circles of parents, children and youth.
  • Conduct outreaches (postnatal home visits, schools, churches and communities.
  • Conducting researches, studies and documentation of best practices.




This component of service to the communities in Kyanja and Wakiso provides for ECD through to Primary seven. The ECD centers are: 1 in Kyanja and 3 in Masulita sub county, (Wakiso) where also the primary section is consisting of both Day and Boarding facilities.

Sponsorship programme supports an estimated 300 beneficiaries from ECD to Vocational in Kampala and Wakiso, giving them an opportunity to study, which they possibly would have not had. The programme covers children from ECD to tertiary levels of study, both in Kampala and Wakiso. Some of the supporting partners include:

  • Jolly Nyeko Foundation, Canada which coordinates with volunteers in Canada to raise resources for the children’s scholastic and academic needs. JNFC has also helped in improving the schools infrastructure.


  • Holt International: supports 151 children in Wakiso district receive sponsorship support for the education needs. Holt through Action for Children also carries out parents; children and youth empowerment seminars that encourage them live a moral lifestyle in community for a better future.
  • Friends in Finland, Sweden, USA, support over 100 other children in offering sponsorship funds for their education.