Our Partners

  • Jolly Nyeko Foundation Canada (JNFC) based in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada:  JNFC coordinates with volunteers in Canada to raise resources for the children’s scholastic and academic needs. JNFC has also helped in improving the school’s infrastructure. Action for Children is linked to JNFC ( http://www.jnfcanada.org) as the implementing organization in Uganda to help the vulnerable children through their child sponsorship. Many of the projects currently take place in Masulita, in the Wakiso District, near Kampala, where Action For Children has been working for over ten years.


  • Holt International: Holt supports 150 children in Wakiso district who receive sponsorship support for their education needs. Holt (http://www.holtinternational.org) through Action for Children also carries out parents, children and youth empowerment activities that encourage them live a moral lifestyle in community for a better future, using the FAP model of family support.


  • Friends in Finland, Sweden and USA: The friends in Finland, Sweden and USA support over 60 other children in offering sponsorship funds for their education.
  • Other national supporters:  Other national supporters include individual Uganda sponsors of children under the Jolly Nyeko Foundation Uganda chapter. You too can sponsor a child. (see sponsorship page)