Family Preservation and Child Protection

This has been the core of AFC from inception. Action for Children has for over three decades promoted and strengthened the child protection system by providing pre and post abuse therapy; creating awareness on prevention of child abuse to the children as well as the communities through community dialogues, school outreaches, formation and training of Child Protection Committees (CPCs), also in one–on–one counseling about and against child abuse. Orphan and other vulnerable children (OVC) programmes have been a bedrock upon which the Family Preservation (FAP) activities were laid.

In the FAP model, a vulnerable family is taken through the process of transformation from rescue, stability and permanency, that is, from where the family is so vulnerable that it needs to be rescued as short term therapy, then helped to start sustaining itself (medium term) by being productive, till the family can stand on its own (long term sustainability). Most of AFC community projects, whether orphan care, HIV/AIDS or micro finance, are based on this model.

Family Protection