1. How child sponsorship works

Action For Children (AFC) connects Sponsors with children in

Uganda. On the front line are AFC’s social workers, identifying children in need of sponsorship based on AFC’s sponsorship selection criteria.

Children considered for sponsorship are:

• Orphaned

• Living with terminally ill parents

• Unable to afford school fees

• In families headed by children

• Living with elderly caretakers

• In families living in very poor conditions

• In families with large numbers of children

When a child is identified for potential sponsorship, an assessment of the family’s

living situation is done. Eligible children are then entered into the sponsorship

program and families begin the three-stage Family Preservation Program.


  1. What does child sponsorship cost?

For $40 per month for a Kindergarten and primary school going Child.

Rates will go up to $50 per month for a child in secondary school. An additional $5.00 per month will be required if a child is in boarding.

A sponsored child is ensured education, personal and family support, and an income-generating project, all monitored by AFC social workers and other staff.

  1. Sponsorship payment

=Payment Option A: - EFT (Electronic funds Transfer)

=Payment Option B: - Cheques payable to “Action for Children”

Apart from sending the monthly support, you may choose to pay a lump sum bi-annually or annually.

Please Contact us by e-mail at action@actionforchildren.or.ug for the Sponsor’s registration details and support information.

Thank you.

Sponsor a Child